Sunday, April 23, 2017

Welcome! And thank you RC!

Welcome to our new blog! This year, we will be a small group (4 current students of mine and an RC Alumna, who studied in Freiburg a while back). We will be primarily in Munich and Berlin to see theater and go to art museums and we'll do some nice excursions, too. Luckily, other students of mine are going to be studying at the Goethe Institut in Munich or Berlin, so they will be able to join us on occasion. Our goal will be to post pictures from the trip and reflections on our travels so that parents and friends can follow us. That said, sometimes we will be too remote (in the Alps) to have good access to wifi.

We want to thank the University of Michigan Residential College for providing each of the students with some scholarship money, thanks to the Brown Fund. And special thanks to RC Alumni, Friends, and Donors for helping make our study trip possible. I'm able to cover our theater and museum tickets through fundraising via calendar sales of Asgard Press' Vintage calendars, so special thanks to everyone at Asgard, especially Peter Shin, another former student of mine who studied in Germany. And thanks to UM CGIS for funding past trips and being supportive of this one, as well.

I need to finish grading before I get on that plane, so. . . back to work!

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