Monday, May 8, 2017

I arrived yesterday and I'm not feeling too jetlagged, perhaps because I followed Janet's advice by taking just a short afternoon nap and then staying up until it was late to sleep again. 9 hours of sleep and I feel pretty good!

We visited two art museums together, then after my nap I found a Doner Kebab restaurant and had a delicious falafel with a Radler (beer with Sprite, basically). We ventured out again for a subway ride to Marienplatz where we saw some beautiful architecture and had a classic regional meal of meat and potatoes. It was delicious. My German may be pretty rusty but I spoke about 20% German throughout the day. I hope to double that percentage today. It's been only about 20 years since I was here last! I can still get it back, right? Haha! I downloaded a free app called duolingo, which is helping me remember the basics.

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