Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Berlin, Berlin

Berlin is a an intrernational city full of life and it is so exciting to be here. I love hearing the different languages on the street and trying so many different kinds of delcious food. And as Helmut pointed out, our wonderful tour guide, the architecture cannot lie. The buildings in Berlin tell the truth of its history. He showed how the DDR changed the landscape and the reliefs or designs of buildings still stand for the working class. He was an intelligent tour guide and willing to answer any of our questions. He, like Carol the day before who gave us an amazing tour of counter memorials, tied his personal history in with the history of the city. Both tour guides gave unique and intellectually challenging tours. I left thinking about the role of memorials in cities and of the fall of communism in east Germany. Both are tough topics but Carol and Helmut informed us and challenged us to not let history fall to the side. As always, I'm having an amazing time in Berlin and I can't wait to go explore he city today. And I must mention, the show last night—Ungeduld des Herzens—was the most amazing one yet.


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