Saturday, May 13, 2017

I find it very challenging it to decide what aspect of the trip to blog about. There are so many different things we do, we see a wide-range of theater, eat at so many different restaurants, and have loads of fun every day. I could write about the beauty of the alps or the sound of the falling water in the gorge. I could unpack the meaning behind the two amazing plays we saw yesterday. Or I could write about the fun time in between where I find myself laughing with Esti, Zofia, Janet, and Suki.
I think this time I will focus on relaxation. After a hectic semester I am very grateful that Janet build time in to explore nature, paint, and for us to have a little free time here and there. I felt so at peace under the sun as we hiked down to mittenwald. Or as I sketched the view of the alps from the front porch of hostel. I really enjoy the priortization of art on the trip. Right after seeing theater or after visiting one of the many great art museums in Munich, I always feel inspired to try my hand at painting or drawing. Janet, of course being the wonderful professor she is, brought along paint, paper, and plethora of art supplies for us to do just that. In my free time between the shows yesterday, I chose to go the Glyptothek and draw. It was so beautiful and I also enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee in the sun at the Museum's cafe.
Aside from a chance to relax, the trip is also filled with excitement. I find myself looking forward to multiple things every day. Today I can hardly sit still with excitement to see Berlin. A city that I love and is filled with unbelievable architecture, international people, and of course great theater. In conclusion, so far the trip as been amazing and it's looking like it will stay that way until the very end (only 7 days left!! :o)


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