Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pics from the alps, Munich, and Berlin

Germany is absolutely beautiful and we are soaking it all in. We are also very tired! : )
For this trip, I tried to build in more alone time, but it still seems to get absorbed by transportation time. Anyhow, even the travel time tends to be beautiful.
Program from Kleines Spiel: Performance based on his poetry

Set for Performance of Eugenides' Virgin Suicides
Kleines Spiel is really, ummmm, klein. About 35 people fit in the theater.
We met two more RCers at the Kammerspiele main stage
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So proud of this guy. Over half way through the script for Schiller's Räuber which we saw in Munich.

A sample of our absolutely gorgeous views from the train.
(pssst. Don't look now, but Zofia is sitting in the Kinderspielecke of the train.)

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