Monday, May 8, 2017

So far this trip has been truly incredible. The theater has been amazing and so unique. I cannot stop thinking about Alice in Wunderland and La Sonnambula . Alice in Wunderland the ballet brought me to another world. I could get lost in the music alone as it perfectly captured the mood of each scene and character. There was unbelievable costumes and sets to match the amazing music. A plastic queen of hearts container, gorgeous card outfits (hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds), and unbelievably adorable little hedge hog costumes. I would need at least 7 more pages to adddress every costume but nevertheless the designer was very clever. And of course the dancing was executed  perfectly with synchronization and challenging moves. What I found to be the most fascinating is the characterization of the figures. I could feel the queen of hearts anger through her dancing and Alice's curiosity.
La Sonnambula was completely different but equally amazing. A show that hat it all: a love story, opera, heartbreak, amazing music, a funky set, and a group of 6 AMAZING and talented actors. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Whether it was because of Paul's trumpet

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