Saturday, May 13, 2017

Yesterday, we saw two theatre shows and walked around the various Plätze of Munich while the weather was nice and sunny (it's best to take advantage of the sun while you can get it here, as it is not unusual for it to go days with only rain). The first show was called Terror, which was about a court trial and was done in a way in which the audience was able to become the jury - it was super cool; we got to choose whether or not the defendant was guilty or innocent in the end. The second show was called Die Selbstmord Schwestern and was based on the novel The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. This show was a bit more contentious than the first, as it dealt with topics that are usually considered to be taboo and which can make certain audiences uncomfortable. However, it proved to be a rather education experience, and acted to expose certain themes in our society that generally go undiscussed. I'm glad we got to see it.

Today, we woke up early, ate a quick breakfast, and set out for Berlin after spending a total of eight days in Munich and three days in Mittenwald (all of which were absolutely fantastic). I am excited for Berlin, but it is a bittersweet excitement as it means we'll be leaving Southern Germany, which, with its incredible sights and delicious Käsespätzle, will surely be missed by us all.

Goodbye Munich - hello Berlin!

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